Alex, Fit to Walk and Talk & how it all started.

After the sudden death of a work colleague and friend Alex decided to write his first book, and called it Fit to Walk and Talk … and Live!

To promote the book he decided to demonstrate creating a healthy habit, like walking every day for 30 days, only his 30 day journey was a long walk from Melbourne to Brisbane, approximately 2000kms, or 65kms a day. Helen joined him on the walk.

We completed the walk in 1999 and yes, we did it in exactly 30 days … 26 blisters, some torn muscles, many massages and some incredible moments along the way.

Below you can read the article from 1999 after the walk to Brisbane.

More photos of the walk Melbourne to Brisbane …

Some early training completing the Melbourne Marathon. Day3 – After a support team break-down Alex suffering from 26 blisters. Helen’s well into the swing of it by day 10 and chosen a good hat. Day30 – Success arriving at the Brisbane Casino (old Treasury Buildings)

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