Good Health

Good health is a natural part of life.


Call / or txt me on +61 0406 162 295 for a FREE Sample of an Amazing EnergyDrink

Call me on +61 0406 162 295 if you’d like a FREE Sample of an Amazing Energy Drink.

Being full of energy is a natural outcome of taking good care of yourself, “self-care” or sometimes referred to as “wellness”.

Self care is now recognised as one of, if not the top quality to living a healthful and productive life.

When I wrote “Fit to Walk and Talk … and Live!” I was 46 years of age, and had been “super fit” most of my life.

It was only when I started “pushing myself” and walking 20 to 30 kilometers every second day as part of my training for a 2000km marathon walk that I started to suffer the symptoms of fatigue.

Almost 70% of people who visit a doctor are tired, or fatigued … and it’s a growing problem in our modern society.

I was very lucky.

I overheard a friend of mine talking to a woman in a cafe and he mentioned the word Level10_BeTheBestVersionOfYourself_image“fatigue” … and I was immediately interested.

Afterwards I asked my friend what they had talked about.

He told me how he had suffered from fatigue and how his naturopath introduced him to balanced nutrition products and targeted supplements produced by Herbalife Nutrition, a large US Company, listed on the NYSE, that distributes nutritional products to its members in over 90 countries world-wide.

At the time I thought I knew something about nutrition. But the truth was I didn’t know much.

I joined up as a member of Herbalife to get a 25% and up to 50% discount on my products. I started using the Ultimate nutrition program immediately, with great results. The fatigue disappeared in less than 48 hours and I was back training hard.

What I quickly learned was that I didn’t have to KNOW EVERYTHING about nutrition … as long as I knew the right people that I could trust and who were already an expert. I met Dr Louise Ignarro a Nobel laureate and Dr David Heber, a US Doctor of the year and head of the UCLA Department of Human Nutrition. They have an entire board of medical advisers from around the world all focused on wellness.

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If I hadn’t been teachable, had an open mind and willing to learn, I would undoubtedly have had to cancel my walk from Melbourne to Brisbane in 1999, and not enjoyed the good health that I have today.

Today, I still know very little about energy and nutrition and yet, now in my mid 60’s my Basal Metabolic Age (BMA) was 36 last time I checked, and my resting heart rate is 50 – 53 bpm. I still think I can get my BMA below 30 with a little focused INTENTION, so I will see.

New MintChoc F1 for energy and fitnessThe balanced nutrition products have been part of my diet as nutritional support for over 17 years now..

Being “FIT” – Being INTENTIONAL means I have clear goals in those areas of my life that are important to me, and I know where I’m going.

Learn more about that in STEP 2 below.

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Being Intentional

What happens to you when you are not being “intentional”?

Not very much, right!

Being intentional is a necessary quality for anyone who is about to achieve something worthwhile, and is particularly important when starting a new fitness and wellness program, or healthy lifestyle.

Improvements do not just happen, they take consistent action and a strong commitment or intention, which will, over a period of one to two months create new habits. These new habits are what every successful endeavor needs because your new habits are what makes creating the future EASY!

Have you found creating new habits to be difficult in the past? You are in luck.

Would you like to become healthier, fitter, have more energy? Or would you like to stop procrastinating and start living the life of your dreams, having it all?

My friend John Assaraf and his team have been researching this area for years now and have put together some amazing material on overcoming fears and retraining your brain (while you are sleeping) … and it works!



“Ninety percent (90%) of people do not achieve the goals and dreams they have in life
unless they have a coach or mentor.” – Alex Sprunt

In Step 1 I said that being teachable is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT step to success in every area of your life.

This is because only around 10% of us achieve what we set out to do unless we have a mentor or a coach. They are the person who is there to keep nudging us back on course.