Could We End The Road Carnage This Simply?

With more than a million road deaths every year it is time we had safety on our roads.

We know that speed is one of the major causes of accidents world-wide. Do we want to catch more speeding drivers, employ more police on our roads (10,000 police on Australian roads over the Easter break), or do we want to end the carnage, end the loss of life, end the maiming, end the sadness and the horrendous medical costs? 

As a professional risk engineer (retired) and past Chairman of the Road Safety Sub-committee, IEA (Vic) Risk Branch I am trained in how best to minimize identified risks.

It’s Time For Speed Limiters On All Cars.

Last night a 53 year old woman was driving at night and turning right when she was hit by a man in a stolen car allegedly traveling at more that twice the speed limit. The woman died at the scene and the man ran off, evading limit the speed of motor vehiclespolice. In another incident resulting in the death of a career truck driver simply doing his job; his truck was hit by a vehicle traveling at 180kph in a 60kph zone. The truck driver had no time to react and his rig caught fire.

We continue to spend tax payers money on driver education, and it’s important … but it’s also misleading as education is very ineffective as a risk control measure, with results often in the 5 to 10% effectiveness range.

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