How Do You Know You Are A Genius?

One of my mentors is R Buckminster Fuller and he had said that we are all born geniuses and that our genius, including our “intuitive” talent is knocked out of us through our upbringing and education, even some of the jobs we may find ourselves in … and this could be because you didn’t know what Genius type you are!

So here is a GIFT for you and the family. I have recently been doing some work and partnering with Roger Hamilton who created Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics and we want to know what type of GENIUS you are.

Here is your Genius U gift … only takes a few minutes to find out. Or click on the image below.

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You and your children were born genius’s … Einstein is another who said that way back, so that isn’t knew.

We are all born genius’s and rarely are we given the time, or allowed to develop our intuition to the point where we understand what we do really well naturally, and how we deal with varies aspects of life … even how we deal with “improving our health”, or “making money”. Once you know this you can much more easily get into the “FLOW” and your life works more easily.

What Genius are you?

I’m a “DYNAMO Genius” who loves creating things, and, evidently isn’t really good at finishing things. I have been told on a number of occasions I have my head in the clouds, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, in fact it can be incredible as long as I am able to attract the right team to me to ground the ideas and then  finish them off.

I do not enjoy all the details and once I saw that I realised how much I had to struggle as an engineer when required to to do deign work. It is almost as if my brain would go to sleep … and it is not that I hadn’t learnt all the necessary theory and formulae etc, I would much rather be outside working with people or imagining another incredible project. That’s what I do.

I hope you will enjoy finding out what Genius you are, what Genius your partner and children are too. It is FREE and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Enjoy and wishing you good health and prosperity NOW.

You may be one of four (4) Genius types … Dynamo, Blaze, Steel or Tempo?

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