What Was For Breakfast Today?

What did you have to “Break (your) fast” today …? Yes, the first meal of the day. The meal that everyone knows is the most important meal.

Eggs Over Easy BreakfastWhat prompts me to ask this question today is what I noticed during my early morning shopping at a Safeway store just yesterday. See every morning (90% anyway) I walk, and often get my bits and pieces of fruit and veg, some groceries etc.

“While adults need to eat breakfast each day to perform their best, kids need it even more. Their growing bodies and developing brains need regular refueling often, from food. When kids skip breakfast, they don’t get what they need to be at their best.”  – exert WebMD

While I was waiting to pay for my food, I noticed a well dressed woman with two young sons purchase two packets of corn chips … the boys had a pack each. I said to the ‘check-out’ lady “you do hope that isn’t their breakfast don’t you?”

I mentioned how my wife teaches at primary schools and has mentioned as many as 50% of the children arrive at school without having breakfast and how some schools feed them, with support from local business and charities.

But we ALL KNOW that breakfast is such an IMPORTANT MEAL … we do!

A young woman came up with her one grocery item, a bottle of coffee flavoured milk … and she looked at me (I was packing my back-pack with my groceries) and she said, “I was one of those who went to school without breakfast and yes, this milk is my breakfast.”

Fortunately genetics and youthful vitality does play a role in the survival of young people … and that situation changes as they enter their twenties and thirties where the poor habits can literally bring on early onset diabetes and heart disease very quickly.

Flavoured milk is not an ideal breakfast as it is low in protein, high in sugar and fats. I know it is easy to drink and tastes good if you like sweet drinks, and yet it is easy to get more of a balanced breakfast without too much extra effort.

As I finished packing my back-pack the woman serving started to say … “Some people buy those … and I tried to stop her because I knew what she was about to say and I could see her next customer … Red Bull and energy drinks for breakfast”.

And sure enough the next customer was purchasing two cans of Red Bull. He was a young tradie … just like my two sons and two son-in-laws. The result of an amazing marketing strategy linking their high energy product with high energy high risk sports.

“In fact, people who do eat a morning meal are nearly 50 percent less likely to be obese than those who don’t, according to a Harvard University study.” – exert WebMD

Level10_BeTheBestVersionOfYourself_imageFor over fifteen years now I have added a nutritional supplement to my breakfast to ensure I get what my body needs and I am so glad I did … and thankful that I still do.

And for my breakfast this morning I had a banana, a piece of rye toast with a five egg white omelet and a few rashers of lean bacon, plus a fat burning energy herbal tea.

I have eggs two or three times a week and the other days I make a delicious protein smoothie, packed full of nutrition which is fast, tastes great … and if I need to I can take it with me.

There are many many different healthy breakfasts to enjoy. Make sure you have breakfast each and every day and look after your self care.

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  1. admin June 18, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    Today I had cereal with some natural yogurt and soy and a serve of Formula1 protein mix … delicious and keeps me going all morning.

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