Are You Still In Competition Mode? Or Have You Learnt To Cooperate and “Agree To Agree”?

If Success or Failure ...

The most extreme form of “competition” is war!

The television NEWS tonight was filled with new terrorism laws, ISIS, hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into Turkey; plus tragic National and local news with lives lost and pain everywhere.

Wherever there is pain in society you can guarantee that large profits are being made.

I learnt that from one of my mentors many years ago, and it I see it everywhere still today because the vast majority of us are competing at every opportunity … ignorant of the fact that we could ALL be living prosperously and with freedom within ten years once we shift to cooperation.  

Look at social media … we are all told “you must be a part of it, learn how to FB, Tweet, Instagram, “hash tag” etc etc etc …

But very few can become “winners” in the competitive world; it absolutely follows the 80:20 rule where 80% of the business / income / profits / traffic and anything else is won by 20% of the players.

And when you understand the 80:20 rule you know that 20% of the 20%, i.e. 4% receive 64% of the business and then, 0.8% or less than 1% of the “competitors” will receive a whopping 51.2% of the rewards.

You are either being competitive (and playing “WIN-LOSE”) or you are being cooperative (playing “WIN-WIN”). You are either being fearful, selfish and cynical or loving, trusting, abundant and excited.

I know which one I prefer, what about you?

If you are competing in business it means you have stopped thinking!

Saying that had me recall global entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, who recently made their patents available to their ‘competitors’ knowing that the resultant cooperation means WIN-WIN. I recall Australian businessmen like Dick Smith and John Singleton whose concerns about population growth in Australia (can you imagine either of them living in New Delhi?) have gotten prime time of National TV. They simply cannot see the abundance that Australia has and how easily we can accommodate millions more ‘world people’. I also think of the billionaire fund managers who recently attacked networking companies like Avon and Herbalife, shorting stock in a deliberate attempt to put these companies (and the millions of independent distributors and members) out of business and for their funds to “WIN BIG”. Pure selfishness, greed and ignorance.

The futurist Buckminster Fuller in his wonderful book GRUNCH of Giants talks of networking (cooperation) accelerating humanity into spontaneous union, through a combination of Cosmic evolution of which we have no control, and our integrated human evolution of a myriad of fear and longing motivated initiatives. “Humanity is an experimental initiative of Universe.” he says.

Networking is here to stay …The fearful sovereign nation politicos will find that trying to arrest networking is like trying to arrest the the waves of the ocean.”  Bucky has such clarity in what he says.

As well as the “Bad NEWS” I also felt  targeted with very negative ads like “Are you going to FIGHT AGAINST …. “ It is usually cancer or heart disease which are still two of our biggest killers, I know that even though the solutions to them are very simple.

It is also true that you cannot fight against something without creating more of it … just take a look around you!

“What you resist persists!”

FTWT_FreeWellnessEvaluation2More terrorism, more war, more upsets, more cancer. While survival rates of cancers and heart disease are improving the incidents are rising, and we are investing more into hospitals, jails and policing, which are all areas that produce nothing, they produce no wealth or life support.

In one of my past professions I was as a partner and chairman of a  National risk engineering company, and a leader in the risk management arena in Australia during the 1990’s.  

It is a fact that every dollar we invest in prevention saves us $100 in future costs. This applies equally to property protection, road safety, public transport, community services, education and health.

Speaking of “health” or what I’m more interested in “wellness”, I watched a NEWS article of sports drinks this morning and their affect on young people and children. While the sports drink spokesman acknowledged the fact that the high energy hydrating drinks are designed for elite athletes and are not advertised at young people the fact is the sales are often made by young people, who are not able to buy cigarettes for instance which are also harmful. The spokesman spent his time justifying his JOB … like the vast majority of humanity still today, rather than thinking comprehensively and only operating for the improved life support of every human being on Earth.

I feel that Buckminster Fuller sums it up very eloquently Do we have the courage to go along with our own minds, what we know to be the truth, or do you have to go with the crowd.”

Anything but full cooperation is simply accelerating humanities demise.

Remember that ACTION speaks louder than words.

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