Herbalife: Who Needs It?

Herbalife - Science For The 21st Century.Consumer watchdog Choice asks the question, “Are multi-vitamins necessary when someone has a healthy balanced diet?”  The obvious answer is no, they probably aren’t.

But, that begs the question straight off the plate as to who ACTUALLY has a healthy balanced diet today?

And WHY do we have an EPIDEMIC of preventable disease in our modern, developed world? Once you have read economist Paul Zane Pilzer’s book “The Wellness Revolution” you understand that food TODAY is not what it was fifty or 100 years ago.

As a personal wellness coach with Herbalife International I have done hundreds of FREE Body Analysis and rarely find a person who actually eats well. With ALL the dietary information and ‘good advice’ on the internet and in the marketplace today telling us how IMPORTANT breakfast is … YOU WOULD THINK everyone would have breakfast, but yet they don’t.

“I don’t have TIME.”

“I don’t feel like eating until later.”

“I hate cereal, and can’t stomach eggs first thing.”

I believe it was quality assurance guru Edwards Demming who said, “People don’t work, systems work.” or something to that effect. As a qualified risk manager and engineer I know exactly what he means. We are simply not designed to do what we know is BEST for us unless it is made very very EASY.

Click here for Paul Zane Pilzer's "The Wellness Revolution". Dr Heber's new LA Shape Diet.

In one Melbourne community my team of wellness coaches did 85 FULL Body Analysis over two weekends to find that:

  • 70% were dehydrated
  • over 70% were ‘over fat’ or obese
  • 90% had low physical rating (from sedentary jobs & inactivity)
  • almost 100% did NOT eat a balanced diet
  • around 90% had LOW bone weight.
So HOW can we easily find a way to optimise our health, and prevent the onset of preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, overweight and obesity, arthritis, dementia, gout and a range of others?
Herbalife International is one of the biggest global nutrition companies in the world. Nobel laureate Louise Ignarro and Dr David Heber (last year voted US Doctor of the Year by his piers) head up the rearch and medical boards at Herbalife International and they have an entire wing at UCLA dedicated to the ongoing development of products to enhance human nutrition.
There is a BIG difference in philosophies between companies whose mission is to:
  • Provide ‘dynamic health’ and well-being to their customers, OR
  • To manage the health of their patients.

Herbalife International is now 32 years old, and with sales of $5.4 billion in over 80 countries last year is making an AMAZING difference in people’s lives.

Their core products are patented Cellular Nutrition, scientifically designed to:

  1. cleanse the ‘villi’ that line your intestine so your body can absorb the nutrition form ALL your food.
  2. provide the finest micro nutrition that is absorbed down to a cellular level, so your body
  3. reproduces healthy new cells through the process of cell or cellular regeneration.

Choice correctly states that many people may be wasting some money purchasing multi-vitamins that are not providing adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals. There are also trace elements, amino acids, essential fats plus herbs and botanicals that are necessary for optimum health. Few people get these unless they supplement their diet.

On Herbalife’s Formula1 Pure Food the percentages of your daily requirement are shown, making is EASY to understand. When an adult is consuming Herbalife’s Formula1 and Formula2 Multi-vitamin complex regularly they are feeding their body what heir body needs in balance and at the optimum levels.

Now, aged 60 years I have personally used the Herbalife’s Cellular Nutrition and targeted products for forteen years and my Basal Metabolic Rate registers as low as 16 or 17 years.

My father has similarly used the same products for the same time and at age eighty seven his BMA was 49yrs. You can DOWNLOAD his story here … I’m sure he won’t mind.

So, who needs HERBALIFE?

Again the answer seems obviously EVERYONE. 

The best part is, Herbalife is FOOD … the best food you can put into your body.

Ask me how you can safeguard your health using the Herbalife products and ENJOY one balanced nutritious meal a day for less than the price of a coffee and a don-nut.

Herbalife is the best health insurance on the market TODAY.

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