How Does Making Sense Again, Make More Money?

Times are changing more rapidly than you think. In fact ‘change’ is changing more rapidly than most realise … and it is called the acceleration of change. We have left a time when much of our enterprises focused on making sense, and entered a period where it is more important to make more money.

So what is changing, and how does making sense again make more money too?

The way most people see change is in new electronic products such as flat screen TV’s and iPads and in medical procedures but the same change is occurring at an accelerating rate throughout many industries, throughout most countries and now throughout their economies.

The best part is … it has many benefits for the vast majority of us as we shift towards making sense.

Sure, there has also been lots of chaos, and sadly sometimes the loss of innocent lives but the future that is rapidly heading our way has many benefits.

Take Iceland as an example. A very small democratic country of some 330,000 people who, a handful of years ago were faced with financial ruin and bankruptcy. Much of the economic wows of a number of European countries has been splashed around the media for years now, but few of us understand what actually happened?

What lead to such a rapid decline in people’s lives, especially in Europe where good practice has been established over hundreds of years. The “good practice” part is certainly up for discussion. What happened that had men and women who worked hard all their lives only to find that their governments have effectively ruined their financial futures?

In Iceland fishermen became financial brokers and invested heavily in a sky-rocketing real estate boom and left the industry that, while it involved hard work, feed thousands of people and added enormous value.

Now, greener and leaner cars are in demand (makes sense), their currency was devalued (makes sense), the fraudulent bankers have been held accountable with some serving goal terms (what they deserve) and evidently there is full employment.

I don’t feel that the problem is solved yet. The context is still economic growth and a favorable view on rising housing prices (makes no sense) and so the little bit of making sense, of returning to value added industry including fishing is at least giving respite while the Icelanders deal with the ‘shake up’.

Imagine if they could see the need for total reform, and accept a new context of abundance which now exists.

Just as very few of us see the acceleration of change, very few can yet see that there is now abundance on Earth, and the shackles of past economic theories and regulations ought to collapse with the banking industry.

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