Greed, Greed, Greed and More Greed!

I just read an article in the Melbourne Age suggesting that former Prime Minister John Howard had sought US favor to have charges laid against Australian David Hicks in order to improve Howards re-election chances. I immediately said to my wife “Can this be true? W hat would possess someone to do that?”

How naive am I … it’s greed, greed, greed!

It certainly isn’t reserved for politicians either as another article spoke of mass sackings at Qantas, OneSteel and Westpac while there were massive profits declared by BHP Billiton as the mining industry continues it’s sale into the growing Asian market. Is that the same Asian market that is also contributing enormously to local and global pollution? Yes it is and it is driven by greed, greed, greed and more greed.

Buckminster Fuller is considered by many as one of the most important human beings of the twentieth century. Fuller referred to this characteristic as one of “un-evidend selfishness”. This is where a person or a company appears to be doing the ‘right thing’ and being a generous or good person however the reality is they are really only interested in getting the best result for themselves … and “stuff the rest”.

The video clip above shows a small part of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Bed Peace” event in Montreal, Canada in 1969, at the same time as technology (ever accelerating change) reached a point for the first time in our human evolution where we could now provide for everyone on Earth at an unprecedented high standard of living … such that there was now no need to compete. What does it take to create a future that actually works, for everyone?

In fact competition is now detrimental to the ongoing survival and success of humanity.

A recent blog on titled “How Far ‘Off-Track’ Are We … ?” looks at whether there are any leaders out there willing to declare the sort of future they are committed to creating.

Or are they just reacting to the situations as they occur and as they worsen around them?

Imagine a future (not that far away) where everyone is enjoying living there lives fully. A time when we all are able to live the lifestyle of billionaires and pursue challenges that we see need fixing. One issue that makes this future difficult for the majority to understand and comprehend is that still the vast majority of people do not understand science and technology.

Imagine the technology involved in a whale.However, there is a delightful way to breakthrough that challenge. It is called nature … and so I recommend you stop what you are doing and go out and sit in nature, in a park or by the beach or in a forest.

Did you know that a Humpback whale calf drinks around 400 litres of milk a day, and the mother whale does not eat for around six months losing one third of it’s size during the journey back to the feeding grounds? Who was the designer of this incredible ‘machine’?

That the trillions of phytoplankton that bloom each year, or the hundreds of millions of herring that migrate to the same area each year and lay billions of eggs that will feed nature’s cycle of lif ein almost perfect harmony … who designed all of this?  

I’m very clear that we are in good hands, and we have the know how and the resources to create an amazingly prosperous future for all humankind as soon as we say so … and as soon as we let go of any need for greed, greed or even the slightest amount of greed!

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  1. Peter Pullar October 4, 2011 / 4:10 am

    I am thinking about values. Looking at it occurs to me that many of the people who claim to be working towards a better future for people are actually part of the problem. In that example, China values financial wellbeing much more than it values spirituality. They are proud of the progress they have made in Tibet, and they have the financial strength to impose those values on much more of our world.
    I see so many people being financially healthy and spiritually destitute, and others who are spiritually healthy yet have little or no money. In fact to me most individuals seem to fall in to either of those two groups Nearly all of the first group is critical of the second group and attempts to train and educate the people of that group to be more like them. Many of the people in the second group are either very critical of the people in the first group, or simply want to educate them to be more spiritually healthy.

  2. Alex January 26, 2012 / 10:20 am

    Hi Peter and a belated thanks for your comment last year. As you may have seen I have been focused in another area but am now back with new energy and vitality for 2012 … especially it being the Year of the Black Water Dragon.

    You are correct that we do align ourselves into ‘camps’, either spiritual or financial or even physical. My mentor Buckminster Fuller believed we need to be generalists and see the BIG ‘universal’ picture. Interestingly I read an article predicting the number of other planets in the Universe that probably have life on them, and the conservative number is 36 trillion other planets, and here we are focused on our small planet; not that that is wrong at all, but the context is very different.

    I have applied some of Fuller’s philosophies and generalised principles in a NEW ‘movement’ called Your Healthy ( which has a context of “ABUNDANCE” because that is what we actually have now, not scarcity. The problem is most people are not aware of the abundance surrounding them yet and so we have a JOB to get the message out to the world.

    Your Healthy is definitely not alone in sharing this message but what we have that is unique is a new structure that rewards “making sense” rather than having a focus on making money at the expense of another.

    Hope your 2012 is prosperous and fulfilling.

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