How To Lose Weight EASILY and Keep It Off!

How To Lose Weight EASILY and Keep It Off.

How can I help you?I’m currently enjoying my 60th year on planet Earth, but have a basal metabolic age of 18yrs, due very much to my low body fat of 15.5%, regular exercise (I walk and do yoga almost every day) and my hydration is pretty good @ 55.5% … but should still be higher.

It is so EASY and enjoyable to be well … plus the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are enormous!

One of my doctor friends said that the worst term many doctors use when diagnosing a patient is “... for a person your age.” Sure, age will have measurable affects on the way we perform but often doctors compare you to the ‘norm’ for your age, rather than what you could be like if you knew how easy it was to be well.

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A recent US report states that the average American family spends around $12oo a month on health insurance. Not every one can afford $1200 a month and so 50 million American’s have no health insurance and so limited access to health care. In Australia we have a very similar situation developing. These people who miss out are often the very people who need health care the most.

Are you at risk?
Overweight and obesity = Heart Disease

Everyone knows PREVENTION costs far less than the cure … and yet the cost of fresh foods, fruit and vegetables and local fish and meat that we are told we should be eating is rising sharply. The cost of low nutrition foods, fast foods and empty calorie foods seem to be a lot less but of course they cost you in the long run.

So WHY are an increasing number of people all ’round the world having difficulty controlling their weight, and maintaining their health … the two go hand in hand, with over 120 preventable diseases now being directly connected to overweight and obesity?

“Whenever there is pain in society there is usually huge profits being made.” — businessman and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki

Wow … surely people wouldn’t want to make a profit on someone’s pain would they?

Well yes they would, and it seems to be happening more and more as technology, the internet and media leverage makes it less and less expensive to get your message out to the masses.

One of the early reports I read on the state of world health was the WHO Report in 1997 titled “Conquering suffering, enriching humanity”. You may ask yourself … “so why hasn’t this happened?”

A company’s primary interest is in making a PROFIT, that’s why.

For Richer or Poorer

Extract from WHO Report in 1997 titled "Conquering suffering, enriching humanity"


There is an EASY solution if you do want to be well.

Find a company like I did that profits from YOU BEING WELL.

Makes sense doesn’t it … instead of a company (like pharmaceutical / drug companies) that profits from you being sick, or unwell! It is a matter of chosing which ‘stream’ you will follow … the ill-health / sickness stream (very expensive, painful and with no bright future) or the wellness stream (very affordable, saves you money, vital and has a really bright future in store for you).

The wellness company that I found is HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL

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They are a leading nutrition company and the world’s No1 weightloss company.

See it is so simple when you understand what your complex machine (the human body) does … it creates 20billion new cells every day to replace those that die, and the quality of these new cells (our future health) very much depends on the quality of the FUEL we feed them. It isn’t rocket science, but it is sure is reassuring to know that the best scientists in the human nutrition industry spend their time creating the fuel for my body.

I’d like you to feel great too … and if you are up to the challenge simply contact me here and I will arrange for a full 30day Money Back Guarantee on the products you choose.

You can feel free to trial the best nutritional and weightloss products your money can buy.

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