How I Gained 41 Years … And How You Can Too!

How I Gained 41 years … And How You Can Too!

Last night I had a full body scan done. Ever heard of them?

It tells you  just about everything you can think of that is about your body … your height and your weight you usually know but these get ‘plugged in’ to the machine I was standing on. Then I waited a few seconds while a tiny electric current passes around my body, I just love TECHNOLOGY and how easily and quickly it does it’s job.

Then I’m told to “step off the machine” and the operator starts recording MY RESULTS, including my METABOLIC AGE, or how old my body appears to be.

Aging and health care are certainly two of the BIGGEST concerns to individuals and governments alike.

How great will you feelIndividuals generally want to stay feeling as young as they can, for as long as they can and governments are having to find more and more money for aged care and hospitals. Part of the problem is that the majority of people simply don’t know how to stay healthy and vital.

If they actually knew HOW SIMPLY IT ACTUALLY IS they would scream!

One of the worst things that can happen as we age is to contract a debilitating disease or to suffer a serious injury, especially if you live in a country such as Australia or the United States with expensive health care. Many people just cannot afford to get sick in these countries, but a rapidly increasing number of people are getting sick.

At a recent medical seminar I attended one doctor described how scientists had now linked 120 preventable diseases to being overweight or obese … and they are finding more and more.

One of my mentors always said, “If something seems complicated people are probably making huge profits.”

Health and ill-health seems complicated … but is it really?

People all  over the world are in enormous pain because too much FOCUS is being placed on the problem of ill-health, and not enough attention is being given to maintaining excellent health … which as I said earlier is so so SIMPLE, and inexpensive to boot!

I’m one of millions of examples all around the world of ordinary people enjoying amazing health.

So here is what I got when I stepped off the machine …

  1. Body fat @ 13.9% which is very very good.
  2. Hydration @ 55.9% also good but my goal is up around 60%.
  3. Muscle mass @ 76.4kgs again very good … I exercise regularly.
  4. Bone mass @ 3.9kgs is excellent and yes, I do use the best calcium supplements available in case I’m not getting enough Ca in my food.
  5. Visceral fat @ 9 is not as good as it will be as I still have around 6kgs to drop.
  6. My Basal Metabolic AGE @ ???? … 18

Wow, I was surprised that it was this low. Yes, I am a health and weightloss coach myself but I do ‘enjoy life’ (food, wine, chocolate especially) a bit more than I feel I sometimes should and at AGE 59 that’s a 41 year gap!

So what do I do that is so EASY and that if you knew how easy you would probably scream?

Two things …

Exercise and sports account for around 20% of your wellbeing ... First is that I have exercised almost every day of my life, especially exercising first thing in the morning to boost my metabolism and help maintain my body-weight BUT this is only 20% responsible for good health.

The other 80% is due to the nutrition, the fuel that you feed your body to allow it to reproduce HEALTHY NEW CELLS everyday. Twenty billion new cells every day … if you don’t feed your body all that well then it will reproduce the best it can, not as healthy as it could have been. Do that over a period of time and you start suffering from ‘premature aging’ and you become susceptible to many preventable diseases.

The only reason people do not use a balanced nutrition program is they don’t understand the basics of how their body works and what it needs on a daily basis.

Some people have been told it is expensive to take nutrition on a regular basis … that’s not my experience. It’s expensive not to incorporate supplementation into you diet.

In fact you can save money doing it wisely. Click here for more information.

If you know of anyone wanting to improve their health, get more energy and feel vital during their busy days make sure you give them our contact details.  An obligation free 30 minute wellness evaluation can quickly put someone on the EASY ROAD to enjoy amazing health.



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