Can You Cure Mental Disease With Sugar?

Can You Cure Mental Disease With Sugar?

I think you know the obvious answer … NO you can’t. So when our diets are heavily laden with sugar, especially refined sugar and we have a rapid increase in many preventable diseases (including depression) I feel we would get much better “bang for our investment buck” by studying the causes rather than focusing on the symptoms.

A little over ten years ago I ran into the former Victorian Premier Mr Jeff Kennett at a petrol station. He had just paid his account and picked up a ‘slab’ (slang for two dozen cans) of Diet Coke, put it onto his shoulder and walked towards his car.

He turned around and our eyes met … so I walked towards him and introduced myself as a health and lifestyle coach. I asked Mr Kennett if he had purchased the Diet Coke for him, and if so was he hoping it would help control his weight.

He replied “Yes and yes.”

I mentioned that there are medical reports (freely available) disclosing health concerns about the drink and that those reports evidently showed that when the participants of the study stopped drinking the Diet Coke they actually lost weight. Mr Kennett then said “Would I be better off drinking the normal Coke?”

Mmmm … I said that water was a much better choice and he put the slab of diet cola in the boot of his car and we said good bye.

I remember this event so clearly because shortly after our chance meeting Mr Kennett announced he had founded an organisation to help manage depression … called Beyond Blue. Like many of us Mr Kennett was also dealing with relationship challenges, and at one point I believe a marital separation, something few people have been given the tools to deal powerfully with. Without adequate tools often eating, drinking or something worse comes into play.

NOW MY QUESTION WAS … “Can You Cure Mental Disease With Sugar?”

You already know the answer don’t you?

No, you cannot cure mental disease with sugar!

In fact there is much evidence linking increased consumption of refined sugar to many many health problems, some of which are mental diseases.

One of the major problems with refined sugar (and there are no benefits that I could see) is that it is devoid of nutrition … what they call empty calories and that having sugar is actually worse than having nothing at all.

Read more about how sugar affects you by clicking here.

Read more about the dangers of refined sugar by clicking here.

Over the past one hundred years the average sugar consumption in Australia has risen from 10lbs per person per year to over one hundred pounds … a 1000% increase.

What I find alarming is that ignorant people in powerful positions are able to receive funding for seemingly worthwhile projects (and I know that much assistance and funding support is needed is certain areas of mental illness) which have either been caused by or allowed to develop by a very blatant and greedy economic stimulus … in this case, not from the tobacco industry but the sugar industry.

The US Health Department warns that the maximum sugar intake by an adult should be no more than nine teaspoons per day … have one can of Coke, or a Red Bull and that’s it, you have already exceeded you daily allowance. For a child under eight years it is three teaspoons of sugar … and a small glass of orange juice with breakfast contains more sugar than that.

Add in the ‘roll ups’, box of juice, muesli bar, cookies, ice cream and cakes and the sugar load is extreme.

I propose we cannot continue to grow more sugar … produce more processed, sugar laden foods and pump money into trying to contain the out of balance behaviors for very long.

Next time you are at the supermarket take more notice of what people are putting into their shopping trolleys and you have a choice … help by informing those people if you feel it is appropriate. I often let people know that the plain yogurt has much less sugar than the flavored varieties, is better for them and tastes great when you add some frozen berries yourself.

There is a growing Ethical Marketplace over at Your Healthy … click here to take a look.

And remember, that if you aren’t willing to help directly then your tax dollars will be paying for their ill-health.

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