Should Tony Abbott Go With A “Health Bonus”?

Or let labor grab it?

Australian-weightloss article proposes a NEW “Health Bonus” could be on the way. Earlier comments from Prime Minister Rudd certainly stresses the concern over skyrocketing health costs, or as another article put it a “tidal wave of preventable diseases”.

The baby bonus met with better than expected results …

It is well proven that  “reward systems” do achieve much better results and are certainly more cost effective than the old conventional “penal systems” which you see all around the world continuing to extract more and more tax payers hard earned money.

They say that a LEADER is not necessarily the one out the front wielding the machete and cutting his way through the jungle, but rather the one who climbs the tallest tree and is willing to yell “we are in the wrong jungle”.

Australia has also recently been host to Internationally renowned Professor Susan Greenfield, a neuro-scientist and author. Much of her work is aimed at predicting the onset of debilitating (and often preventable) brain disease such as dementia and Alzheimers.  In her Press Club address she quoted a figure of $67 billion in potential savings over forty years if we can delay the effect of these brain diseases on Australian for say five years.

She and her team are working on a predictive type of ‘marker’ that could tell your doctor you are likely to suffer a debilitating disease like Parkinson’s, dementia or Alzheimers and put you on a new medication (not yet discovered) which will delay the onset of the disease.

My concern is very much that “we get what we FOCUS our attention on … ” and to be investing large sums of research dollars on this type of research and medication is at best doubtful.

Professor Greenfield makes the point that these debilitating brain diseases are not an aging disease. In other words you don’t get them just because you have reached a mature age. She said they are a disease of the aged, in other words usually they affect older people.

What she did not speak about (and no reporter asked the question) is are there deficiencies that can lead to a higher likelihood of having brain disease?

Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Loius Ignarro has taken a different tact … looking at prevention. Firstly for heart disease which is one if our top preventable diseases and his research and subsequent development of a ‘natural’ product also has some “very nice” side effects (actually there are a number of beneficial side effects).

Some of these side affects include positive impacts on ‘preventing’ brain disease.

His research into the importance of NO production as we age and the effect on our circulatory system (heart disease) has been worthy of a Nobel Prize. Part of the discovery includes, just as Professor Greenfield also mentioned, the beneficial effects of more oxygen to your brain.

I have now used Niteworks, the product Dr Ignarro’s (et al) research led to for almost two years and it is amazing.

At 58 years young, I am looked at by many as a man some twenty years younger.  The side effects some that have attributed the nickname “the grandfather of Viagra” to Dr Ignarro … but of course his product Niteworks is natural and incredibly low cost.

What has Niteworks and Dr Ignarro’s research got to do with a NEW Health Bonus?

Imagine that you received an extra say $300/month as a health bonus to spend on staying healthy.What would you spend it on?  Perhaps a gym membership and some nutritional products, a regular fortnightly massage and some organic vegetables.

At present many people buy foods that do not support good health and often they do so because of price, and many people do not benefit from regular massage or other therapies because they can’t squeeze it into their budget.

If economist Paul Zane Pilzer is right, our future governments will all be focusing on prevention and in doing so they will turn around massive debts in record time.

An advertising directory called Your Healthy has taken this “rewards bonus” idea to an entirely new level by financially rewarding those who focus attention on the healthy, green and sustainable aspects of their products or services. It is FREE to join and certainly worth exploring.

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