“Wealth is the number of forward days you can survive at your present standard of living, given that you stop working today.” — R Buckminster Fuller

The media, big business, and big finance continually bombards us with the notion that wealthy people own big houses, properties, expensive cars, own large stock portfolios and businesses and go on luxurious holidays.

Perhaps that isn’t all true.

If you have read The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko you will know that it isn’t. The more glamorous elements apply to very few wealthy people, and perhaps to the extremely wealthy but the wealthy are people you would least suspect.

Did you know that every time the housing market slows down there is a financial crisis?

Around 60% of our GDP is involved in the housing industry and so the economy has to go into crisis.

With the current economic structure we must keep ‘building’ just to stay afloat; we must keep building buildings … no wonder we’re getting tired. Does this sound a little, or a lot CRAZY?

Our entire planet is in such ‘distress’ from our “earning a living mentality” that nature is having increasing difficulty carrying out ‘repairs’ and looking after us, or as ‘Bucky’ Fuller would say … she’s having difficulty in her job of making us a “physical success”.

Did you realise nature is set up, is designed to make us a physical success?

The technology that nature employs is so much more advanced than what we humans have developed … it is miles ahead.

It is obvious to many that we simply have not understood nature, not understood our planet and the Universe and not understood our role in her … and have been playing some sort of “win as much as you can” game, even if it is at the expense of a neighbor.

A short time ago a wealthy friend and a colleague of mine shared with me how they had had one of those “ahah” moments … after reading the book “The Climate Wars”, by Gwynne Dyer.

He saw that WE REALLY should be concerned, and he’s not the only one.

“Anyone still complacent about climate change will find Climate Wars instructive and disturbing. These articulate insights into climate geopolitics by Gwynne Dyer are an important tool for understanding why the climate challenge is big, hard, and vital to human survival — yet soluble if we pay attention now.” –Amory B. Lovins, Time magazine’s Hero of the Environment, author of Capitalism as if the World Matters, and Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute.

If the past ideas and behaviors about “wealth” have led us into a mess … what or how can we relate to wealth in a responsible way, because that is in my opinion the only way that wealth can be realized.

I remember Robert Kiyosaki (entrepreneur and author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series) saying, “Where ever there is pain in society there are massive profits being made.”

1Jess&Georgie0206smallIn fact if you want to make money … Robert would say you simply had to put yourself in between the pain, and a solution to the pain, provide a way of alleviating the pain.

Loseweight Reshape is one business that uses an ethical, scientific and natural approach to ensure your body will best be able to enjoy good health.

In today’s modern culture where people seem to be busier than ever (whatever happened to those rumours of increased leisure time?) the quick fix eating solution, or the pharmaceutical drug solution is very often the preferred solution. But is it good for you?

The short anphatic “NO, not swer is an emif you are not also looking after yourself”.

Quick fixes are simply quick fixes for the short term and some can even cause side effects and other problems. Our┬ámodern medical model statistics show that the average Australian or American aged 65 years is on a ‘cocktail’ of pharmaceutical drugs, some taking as many as ten different prescriptions.

If you are a Boston Legal fan, you may have seen an episode where Denny Crane almost died from a cocktail of prescription drugs that he was ordering ‘on-line’ … if my memory is correct the number of different drugs was well over ten.

A short study of the basics to “Good Health or Wellbeing” will take you about thirty minutes!

It is not that difficult … and yet many people, the majority in fact are in trouble with their health today. Overweight and obesity are out of control and the chronic diseases that result such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers are causing many unnecessary deaths and reducing people’s lifestyle or enjoyment of life.

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